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Expense Tracker - Capture, Organise, Report & Invoice

Are you an independent contractor that needs to track and bill time spent working for your clients? Do you travel for business and bill your travel costs back to your clients or company on a monthly basis? Invoicing those bills can become a tedious and error prone task that needs special attention and time on a regular basis that you could spend doing more important things. Or maybe you are an individual who want to track and manage your expenses, as well as establish a budget so that you can take back control over your spending habits and avoid overspending?
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For a business, one of the most critical factors is management of money. Everything needs to be tracked and measured in order to streamline overall operations and cut down on unnecessary expenses. Various money management software exist solely for this purpose. When deciding upon a particular money management software for your firm, it is recommended to opt for one which can provide holistic tracking solutions, with features such as a distance tracker and mileage tracker to help you keep track of each and every expense.

Expense Tracker for you smartphone
Enter all of your business expenses on the go with ProExpense Mobile. It is crucial to be able to collect expenses and receipts as they happen. Fortunately, most people have their smart phone with them most of the time. This is the best and easiest way to collect and categorize your expenses, hence the need for a mobile expense tracker solution at your finger tips. The expenses you capture on the go with your mobile app can then be uploaded to your ProExpense account anytime you have an internet connection at your disposal.

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Track anything

Track Anything
Expenses, Income, Mileage and Time

ProExpense is a powerful and intuitive web and smartphone based expense tracker tool. You can capture expenses directly from your phone, or directly on our web site, associate your receipts to those expenses and go completely paperless. If you are looking for a solution to manage your business expenses so that you can invoice them later to your client or employer, then you will most probably also need a solution that understands the specific needs that come with this kind of task, such as daily allowances / per diem, cash advance management, different currencies and exchange rates, timesheet for tracking time, as well as tracking mileage.

Capture receipts

Capture Receipts
Go paperless, unlimitted storage

It's the 21st century, and we still use paper-based receipts on a day-to-day basis. The problem is that our modern computer systems don't have an easy way of storing and associating these paper slips to your expenses. With ProExpense, you have multiple ways of accomplishing this: Either you use our mobile app that uses the camera integrated on your phone to capture and digitize your receipts as you go, or you use the webcam on your computer to take a picture of your receipt and directly associate them to your expenses on your web account. Now if your receipt is already digitized, then you can simply upload them to your ProExpense account. It is also common to receive receipts in various forms as an attachment to your emails. All you need to do is forward that email to exp@proexpense.com, and we will associate the receipt to one of your expenses automatically.

Expense approval process

Approval Process
For companies and there employees

If you are a company that requires a solution to manage employee expense statements for reimbursement, then look no further. ProExpense has been designed for this purpose as well. As a Manager or Employer, all you need to do is associate your employees ProExpense accounts to yours, and you can then start receiving, reviewing, accepting or rejecting them. If you wish to set up a larger account with multiple employee accounts, please contact us directly through the "contact us" form.

International currency and language support

International Support
All currencies, sales tax and more

We support any currency, so no matter where you are, whatever currency you are using, we can handle it. Once your account is created, you will be asked to set up a few options, such as the default currency and date format used to set everything up accordingly.
If you travel for business, and need to work with multiple currencies, then just set the foreign currency used on the Statement, Project or Expense level and let us handle the currency conversion for you.
Not only can currency and date formats be customized for international support, but the actual invoice reports you will generate can be customized as well. You can customize the various document labels to match your language and then invoice clients in that language.

Invoice your clients by email

Invoice your Clients
Generate Invoices and email them

Invoicing your clients is one of our specialties. We provide all the tools necessary to capture your expenses and receipts, organize everything into projects and statements, and finally we generate your customized, personalized and detailed invoice documents for you. You can choose whether you would like your invoices generated as PDF or Excel documents and then send them directly to your clients from your ProExpense account. You will not have to configure everything every time you need to do this. We use invoice template profiles to accomplish this, and once they are configured, you can generate, send out and track invoices with a couple of clicks to save you a ton of time and work.

Organize expenses by projects

Organize by Projects
Categorize by Projects and Statements

As a contractor who deals with multiple clients and projects, it is important to be able to categorize and group expenses into what we call projects. A project can be anything, from a business trip, a business event, a specific project for a client, or anything just about anything.
Then you associate the projects to statements, which are already associated to one of your client accounts for which you will have an invoice profile set up. Invoicing clients could not be simpler.

Expense Reports and charts

Reports & Charts
Synthesize your expense data

Expense reporting is a vital exercise when you are trying to keep track of your expenses and for declaring taxes for your company.
You can generate various expense reports as PDF documents, based on specific grouping criteria you defined ahead of time. Generate reports that show you your spending habits by period, grouped by expense category, and detailing all taxes is as easy as making coffee. We provide you with the proper wizard that will make things very easy for you.
But that's not all, we can generate detailed bar and line charts that will show you your expense data from a very graphical perspective, so that you can predict shortcomings or over budget areas that you need to work on.

Import and export expenses

Import & Export
Import and Export your expenses

What would an expense management solution be if you could not import expense data directly from your bank statements or third party financial management software. We currently support QIF and CSV as import file formats, and are currently working on also supporting OFX to import your data into ProExpense. Importing 6 months worth of bank statements is a very good start in order to quickly generate expense reports and charts to start seeing trends.
Exporting your data is of course also supported, so that you can reimport your expenses into third party tools as well.

"I joined ProExpense because I thought it sounded like the perfect solution for my situation. I travel for business often and am constantly having to convert my business expenses from foreign currencies into Euros before preparing my expense report at the end of the month. I love how I can take a quick picture of all of my travel expenses while I'm on the go and then go back later to either customize them on my phone, or upload them and manage them on my web account. I recommend ProExpense to anyone who deals with travel expenses."
-Jacques S., Paris, France

"I found ProExpense while searching for an expense tracker application for self employed people. Although the application appeared to be geared more toward companies or contractors, I decided I would sign up for a 30 day free trial to see what it was all about. It turns out that ProExpense has everything I need to manage my home based company expenses. I upload my bank and credit card statements and generate graphs to see where I'm spending the most and least money. This information is very valuable for keeping my business on the right track."
-Ian W., Washington, USA